Welcome To AIXStatistics

What this system is:
The central database (cdb) is a database that all aix servers can use to send stats to. This service is free of charge to use however we do require a few systems to be in place on your server. You can read more about these further down.
The main cdb will hold everyones main ranks and awards so no matter what server you play on - you keep your rank and awards.

Setup is easy once your server meets all requirements then you can apply to use our free cdb. Once we checked and made sure your server meets our requirements we will then add your server and contact you to download and apply the needed files.

The main cdb will not rank bots in any way. This is considered like that so all servers can keep there servers as they wish while playing (ie renaming bots).

Access to server-files to upload a set of new python-scripts.
All servers need a full uptodate punkbuster installed.
All servers need to apply and stream to:


Thank you